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Awarded “Charity Of The Year 2018” at the National British Muslim Awards.

Finalist For 2019

Key Facts

Since 2011, The Syrian conflict has created the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

6.6 million internally displaced persons

More than the entire population of neighbouring Lebanon.

5 million have fled Syria as refugees

Half of these refugees are Children.

13.1 million people in need in Syria

This is the largest Humanitarian Crisis of all time.

Syria Emergency: Eastern Ghouta Crisis

The war in Syria has been going on for the past 7 years, with far too many lives lost, there is no end in sight to this brutal conflict. Some of the worst violence we’ve seen during the Syrian crisis is taking place right now in Eastern Ghouta, leading to its near total destruction and unprecedented levels of suffering for 4000,000 inhabitants who are unable to flee under the threat of constant shelling and bombardment. Civilians fleeing for their lives, children crushed to death under fallen slabs of concrete, medical workers rallying to keep up with the rush of bloodied victims, wheeling away the dead and the injured alike, struggling to keep up with the agitated pace of death.

The ensuing siege of Eastern Ghouta has resulted in the prohibition of food, medicine, clean water and the basic necessities of life from reaching people inside who are dying from starvation, disease and lack of medical help. Classified by the United Nations as besieged in 2013, locals have been left suffering the effects of severe food shortages and sharp increases in food and fuel prices. The situation in this region is increasingly unstable and for local families, life hangs in the balance. Many have been wounded by the ongoing airstrikes and even more are traumatised by the horrors they have witnessed. No one can get in or out!

Muslim Global Relief



What We're Doing

Muslim Global Relief has been on the ground, in Syria and on its borders since 2011. Our comprehensive Syria emergency response includes:

Emergency Medical Assistance 

Food parcels & Nutritious Meals

Shelter assistance and housing grants

Water and sanitation assistance

Essential non-food items such as baby kits, blankets, clothing and heaters

Financial assistance to help refugee families meet their urgent basic needs

Coronavirus Emergency Response

Muslim Global Relief has been working extremely hard with your support reaching the toughest places in the world and providing vital support to the most needy. Our teams have been providing Food parcels, Hygiene and Test Kits to Refugee camps along the Syrian and Lebanon Border.

Recent Work On The Ground: Medical Health Clinic

Our teams recently organised a mobile medical clinic at the Irsal Syrian Refugee camp in Bekaa Lebanon. We provided emergency medical assessments and medication to hundreds of refugees. Particular emphasis has been given to providing emergency medical relief & medical supplies. The crisis in Syria has resulted in mass casualties leaving us with an ever present need to get people the appropriate medical care and to ensure the injured have access to appropriate medical treatment. Muslim Global Relief has created the Mobile Health Clinic which is providing emergency medical care to 5 million Syria Refugees.

Distributing Emergency Food Parcels

With your support our teams on the ground have been providing vital aid and humanitarian relief to Syrian Refugees affected by the never ending conflict.


Awarded Charity Of The Year 2018 & Finalist For 2019

We were awarded the UK's Best Charity of 2018 at the National British Muslim Awards and also were finalists for 2019. Recognised for our outstanding work in villages across Africa, Asia & the Middle East. Working over 20 years to alleviate the impacts of poverty & sickness. Providing humanitarian relief to those affected by natural disasters, war, and conflict.
We Are No.1

Winning the Charity of the Year Award is evidence of Muslim Global Relief's excellence, dedication, and inclusivity, and it will give us strength to keep working hard and for us to have an even greater positive impact on the communities we serve.