100% Donation Policy

Committed to keeping your donations Safe.

Our Commitment

At Muslim Global Relief we are committed to operating a 100% donation policy, which means that every single penny donated is used strictly for charitable efforts.

We have been trusted for over 20 years by donors world-wide in distributing donations, building up knowledge, expertise and credibility to ensure your money reaches those who need it quickly, effectively and with full transparency. There is nobody more concerned with the honest and optimum distribution of your donations than Muslim Global Relief. This is because we understand the great amanah (trust) we have been given by accepting your donations and distributing them on the ground.

The responsibility on us is heavy and we are acutely aware of this. We devote a great deal of time, energy and research in ensuring we provide the best route we can for the distribution of donations. We endeavour to always remain true to our vision of providing a robust, transparent and effective distribution service for all our donors. 

Give With Confidence Knowing Your donations Are In Safe Hands.

For Over 20 Amazing Years, we at Muslim Global Relief are proud to have a 100% Zakat policy! Every single penny of your Zakat donation will go directly to those who need it – 100% of the time, giving you 100% of the reward.

Key Facts

When you are donating money you are trusting that the charity is able to get that money to those who need it. Sometimes those people live in another country or are hard to reach.  All charities will have a degree of administration costs that will need funding as a result of rent on buildings, insurance, office admin, staff salaries, volunteer expenses, equipment purchase, fundraising as well as governance costs such as audits to comply with legal obligations and Charity Commission rules. We will endeavour to cover these administration costs whilst trying to maintain our commitment to a 100% donation policy through: 

Donations Specified For Administration

We have a pool of donors who provide support with admin costs

Profits Generated From Charity Shops

Using profits generated from the sale of clothes and Islamic Art

Tax Relief Claimed On Donations

Claiming Gift Aid increases the value of your donations by 25%

How We Categorise Restricted And Unrestricted Funds

Muslim Global Relief understands the importance of Amanah (trust); the responsibility and accountability it brings. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent and over the last 20 years we have always sought to provide every single one of our donors with detailed feedback on how their donations have saved lives and made a difference on the ground.  

All Zakat Donations made by donors on our website will be treated as Restricted Funds.  

If the charitable need for which we have collected for no longer exists or has been completed, then the trustees will use their discretion to ascertain the intention of the donors and any surplus funds would be allocated towards another appropriate similar project.

If we collect insufficient funds to complete the charitable works for which you have donated, the trustees will use their discretion to move additional funds from general funds to complete the project.

All Non-Zakat Donations made by donors on our website will be treated as Unrestricted Funds and will be classed as general. 

Charitable Expenditure

When you donate, you place your trust in our charity’s ability to deliver aid to those in need. At our non-profit organization, we solidify this trust through a policy of complete transparency. This practice builds trust and forms an open, honest partnership. We rigorously vet our on-the-ground partners and are fully committed to ensuring that funds are used as intended. To uphold this trust, we provide detailed feedback to Muslim Global Relief donors. This includes receipts, regular updates, and customized, in-depth reports on the impact of their donations. These feedback activities, performed by our partners, fall under our charitable expenditures.

We require our partners to report on their activities to ensure transparency and quality assurance. A portion of your donation is dedicated to generating these comprehensive feedback reports, thus falling under our charitable activity spending rather than administrative costs. Our partners are responsible for both delivering aid as per donor specifications and providing high-quality feedback to donors. This approach ensures that a part of your donation is allocated to maintaining our commitment to transparency and excellence in feedback.

The provision of quality feedback reports and regular updates with donors is central to our mission of providing excellent customer service. This process reassures donors that their funds are being used correctly. We understand that donors expect a robust and timely framework for feedback reports and updates. Our unwavering commitment to this process is in line with our transparency ethos. Therefore, a portion of your charitable donation will be apportioned to fulfill this mandate, categorized under charitable expenditure. This commitment to thorough communication and accountability is a cornerstone of our relationship with our donors, ensuring that every contribution is respected and valued.

Sadaqah: Faith Based Content

As a faith-driven nonprofit, Muslim Global Relief prioritizes the dissemination of religious content as a core mission. We believe in more than simply sharing; we strive to have a significant, worldwide influence. A key part of our mission involves nurturing our faith-based principles through educational outreach. A designated share of donations is allocated to the creation and online dissemination of religious content, aiming to advance our organization’s spiritual ethos on a global scale.

Through this initiative, we produce and circulate religious media across various online platforms, reaching a vast audience. Such efforts not only serve as continuous charitable acts (sadaqah jariyah) on behalf of our donors but also provide access to religious education to a broader audience. The creation and circulation of this content are recognized as charitable activities and are accounted for in this category of our expenditure.

Our choice to engage with digital channels for sharing our religious message is deliberate, leveraging their vast potential for outreach. The digital realm affords us an extraordinary opportunity for connection and community-building with people worldwide, bound by common beliefs and the pursuit of educational enrichment. It is through these modern avenues that we amplify our voice and actualize our vision, thereby fulfilling our pledge to educate and inspire in a contemporary and resonant manner.

Speak To Us Today - 100% Transparency

We are very approachable – If you would like to find out more about our donation policy or have any questions then please do get in touch. Our team will be happy to assist. 

We aim to use your generous donations in the most effective way possible, whilst remaining as transparent as possible! Together, we’re saving and transforming the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Without your support we wouldn’t be able to do any of this, so please continue to give to Muslim Global Relief and help save even more lives.

We Are No.1

Winning the Charity of the Year Award is evidence of Muslim Global Relief's excellence, dedication, and inclusivity, and it will give us strength to keep working hard and for us to have an even greater positive impact on the communities we serve.


Award Winning Muslim Charity

We having been awarded the UK's Best Muslim Charity at the National British Muslim Awards. Recognised for our outstanding work in villages across Africa, Asia & the Middle East. Working over 20 years to alleviate the impacts of poverty & sickness. Providing humanitarian relief to those affected by natural disasters, war, and conflict.